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Code that calls gfxPrefs APIs should #include gfxPrefs.h


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I hit several instances of build bustage for things failing to include gfxPrefs.h today.

The bustage was basically caused by source files that *use* a gfxPrefs API, but do not include gfxPrefs.h.  (And up until bug 1338426 landed, these files were indirectly getting the header from another one.)

We should just have gfxPrefs users reliably #include gfxPrefs.h. I've got a patch to do that.

Marking this as blocking bug 1338426 because I suspect that can re-land after we've fixed this.
This patch...
 - *only* adds new #includes (and blank lines in a few cases, to separate Foo.cpp's own Foo.h include from the other includes).
 - *only* touches files that have "gfxPrefs::Whatever()" calls inside of them.  (Some of these are .h files themselves. Since these files call into gfxPrefs, they really need to include gfxPrefs.h themselves or else they're not safe [build-bustage-wise] for arbitrary other .cpp files to include.)

In general, I'm trying to insert the new #include in sorted order, or in what-would-be-sorted-order-if-the-existing-include-block-were-already-sorted.  In some cases the include block was already badly sorted so I just did best-guess at a place to insert.  If you have strong feelings that any of these should go somewhere else in the list, I'm happy to move htem.
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Bug 1339609: Add #include for gfxPrefs.h to all source code that calls gfxPrefs APIs.
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Add #include for gfxPrefs.h to all source code that calls gfxPrefs APIs. r=jgilbert
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