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Show account creation rows correctly in Account Central for a new profile


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Not set


(thunderbird52 fixed, thunderbird53 fixed, thunderbird54 fixed)

Thunderbird 54.0
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On a brand new profile, the Create a new account: row is not shown. Also, the locked pref forgot the CreateAccounts row.

If for some reason the account creation pref is locked and there aren't any accounts, then probably the rows should be shown otherwise it's a rather dead profile.
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Thanks, "Create a new account:" and "Accounts" rows are shown now.

Also it seems you now properly hide the CreateAccounts row when the pref is locked? I agree with that.
The profile may appear "dead" but the admin of it may have other plans with it. If he decided to not allow creating accounts, do not allow it via some ways.
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requesting uplift, since the first thing a new user looks at should be great. zero risk, and fixes a locked account being not actually locked for account manager windows.
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Hmm, I landed that, and before landing it I looked at the patch and couldn't work out what it's doing. Now that you requested uplift, I have to understand what it's doing. Can you please give me some STR to show the non-working and the working behaviour.

"On a brand new profile, the Create a new account: row is not shown."

As hard as I looked at it, I couldn't work out what that means. Excuse the ignorance.
It is on the account central pane, which is shown when you select an account in the folder pane. In new profile (without accounts), the account central is shown automatically.

Without this patch you only see the row with items to create new accounts, saying Email, feeds, etc. but without indicating what they are for.

The patch exposes "Create a new account:" and "Accounts" labels above those buttons.
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OK ;-)
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