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Unprefix -moz-border-image in mail/themes/linux/mail/quickFilterBar.css


(Thunderbird :: Theme, defect)

Not set


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Thunderbird 54.0


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Just happened to notice that there's a remaining -moz-border-image rule in c-c that should be unprefixed...
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Thank you finding this.
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Removing the checkin-needed since the patch doesn't have a commit message. I'm at work atm, but I can land the patch during the weekend. I was actually going to land this yesterday, but I ran into ssh issues since I've upgraded to Sierra.
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It wouldn't have been the first time I added (or modified) a commit message for the author ;-)

Please leave the checkin to me. I'm closely monitoring M-I to M-C merges and I need patches to trigger C-C builds at the right times. Having a small patch at hand is always useful. For example I'll need something in the early afternoon. If you want to set the commit message, please post it here.

Otherwise I'll use:
Bug 1340280 - unprefix last left-over -moz-border-image rule. r=Paenglab.
Sure, thanks :-)
If you're in doubt what to use for -u, I've always just used
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Is there any uplift required? Where/when did the unprefixing happen?
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The -moz-border-image is not yet killed. So it's not needed to uplift.
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