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js::DumpHeap() shouldn't call UnmarkGray on the cells it is iterating over


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I figured out why I was able to reproduce the leak in bug 1336811 so easily: when you take a GC log using DumpHeap, it calls unmark gray on everything! That is going to make it hard to investigate any leaks.

This is a regression from a patch landed for bug 1322420, but I don't see that commit linked in the bug, so I'm not sure which branches it is on.
I can back that out locally, but somebody should figure out what the right thing to do about it is, and also what the right bug number is for the patch.
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It's the fix for bug 1322971, which I mistakenly landed with the wrong bug number.

I guess for DumpHeap we really don't want unmark everything.  I'll take a look.
The IterateZone(s)CompartmentsArenasCells functions are only used for DumpHeap and collecting memory statistics.  I made these use an iterator that doesn't trigger a read barrier and appended 'Unbarriered' to their names.

(I considered renaming them to IterateZoneContentsUnbarriered or something because it's getting a bit ridiculous -- let me know if you think that's a good idea.)
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::: js/src/jsgc.h
@@ +1019,5 @@
>   * every compartment, |arenaCallback| on every in-use arena, and |cellCallback|
>   * on every in-use cell in the GC heap.
> + *
> + * Note that no read barrier is triggered on the cells passed to cellCallback,
> + * so no these pointers must not escape the callback.


@@ +1024,3 @@
>   */
>  extern void
> +IterateZonesCompartmentsArenasCellsUnbarriered(JSContext* cx, void* data,

Or should this be IterateZoneGroupsZonesCompartmentsArenasCellsUnbarriered? :-)

Actually no, because it'd probably be within one zone group.

Do we really need the intervening layers? I'm thinking IterateCellsUnbarriered or IterateAllCellsUnbarriered or perhaps (now or later) IterateZoneGroupCellsUnbarriered. Although I can see your point that you're not just iterating over the cells, you're also doing callbacks for zones and compartments and arenas. So yes, I think I'll go for either your IterateZoneContentsUnbarriered or IterateHeapUnbarriered.
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(In reply to Steve Fink [:sfink] [:s:] from comment #4)
Good idea, I'm going with IterateHeapUnbarriered and IterateHeapUnbarrieredForZone.
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Avoid triggering read barrier in DumpHeap and when collecting stats r=sfink
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If you could uplift this to Aurora, that would be good, in the unlikely chance we have to investigate a leak there. (Beta is almost out the door, so it isn't needed there.)
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