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Move nursery and caches from ZoneGroup back to the runtime


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The vision for bug 1323066 is to have separate nurseries for each zone group, to allow for single threaded access in a preemptively scheduled runtime.  Right now, though, nurseries each require a minimum of 1MB of space for their allocated chunk, and having multiple enabled nurseries in a runtime will increase our memory usage.  Pretty soon Quantum DOM work will be start using different zone groups for each tab group, and to avoid these memory regressions it would be good to move the nursery back to the runtime until we have a strategy for reducing the minimum memory required for a nursery and putting a limit on the per-runtime maximum amount of nursery memory.  This is fine to do for a cooperatively multithreaded runtime.

There is a similar issue for the caches now stored on the zone group, and previously stored on the runtime/context.  Moving these back to the runtime will make ZoneGroup pretty lightweight and easily usable by Gecko for grouping zones.

Sorry about the churn...
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Move nursery and caches from ZoneGroup back to the runtime, r=jonco.
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