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Hello hello!

It seems like if you have visited a site on https, in the future when you visit the same site using http Firefox auto directs you to https. This behaviour is great for most cases. However, if you are a dev who's developing something locally, sometimes you need to test things with and without SSL. This auto redirect feature then becomes a problem and there doesn't seem to be an easy to turn it off.

After searching on the Web for a while I found this solution: http://riaschissl.bestsolution.at/2014/03/unwanted-http-to-https-rewrites-in-firefox/ . This solution requires user to go to History, find the site, and "Forget about this site". This resolves the problem but at the same time it feels a bit like a hack to me as "Forget about this site" seems to just erase(or hide) that site from History. I wonder if we can have an option on Firefox Preference's Security section to let users decide whether or not they want this auto redirect to happen?

If you open the settings of the developer tools and check 'Disable HTTP cache (when toolbox is open)', does it ignore the remembered redirect?
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if you type the whole schema in the locationbar (so you type http://...) we won't do any kind of "redirects" from there.
If instead what you see happens at a lower level (netwerk) this should probably go in a different component.
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