CRM/Email Marketing Request: Berlin Event: Invite (ASAP) and Thank you email (March 3)



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>> Mozilla Team/Department
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
We are hoping to invite interested parties to attend future local events, join our mailing list, and continue to engage with us around copyright reform in the EU.
>> How will you nurture these relationships?
Providing information about future events and the work Mozilla does to protect internet health.
>> Do you currently have a way to solve for this?
I'm not sure I understand; I could potentially send a "thank you" email from a different account, or ask Wikimedia to do so (our partner on this event). However, I'd like to include an opportunity to join Mozilla's newsletter list so...
>> What are the pain points in the current process?
There isn't a current process.
>> What are the perceived benefits to changing the process?
Engaging with more people around copyright.
>> How large is the data set?
Up to 120; 5 fields
>> How many people on your team need access or training?
one - Will Easton can have access
>> How will success be measured?
Number of people who sign-up and engage. This is directly tied to our OKR of increasing the email list.
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
We won't be able to engage with these participants further.
>> What's the timeline for launch?
Event date is March 2nd; ideally the email goes out on March 3rd in German.
>> Any other info we should know?
Event sign-up:


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Summary: CRM/Email Marketing Request: Berlin Event: Thank you email, March 2 → CRM/Email Marketing Request: Berlin Event: Invite (ASAP) and Thank you email (March 2)

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2 years ago
Hi there, 

Apologies for the confusion; there are 2 emails we need to send:
First to those on our list in Germany, we'd like to send an invitation to an event on March 2nd. Event registration site is here ( ) and text for the email invitation can be found here. Please keep in mind this email should go out in German.

Second, we'd like to send
Summary: CRM/Email Marketing Request: Berlin Event: Invite (ASAP) and Thank you email (March 2) → CRM/Email Marketing Request: Berlin Event: Invite (ASAP) and Thank you email (March 3)

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Second, we'd like to send a follow-up thank you email after the event to the people who registered. We will not be using their emails beyond this transaction. In this thank you email, we will encourage people to sign up to our mailing list to receive more info on events in Germany, and to engage with us further on Copyright issues. This email will also be in German. 


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2 years ago
Thanks, Melissa! I just invited you to our weekly project intake mtg on Monday at 1pm ET in Michele Warther's Vidyo room. 

Can you attend so we can chat through this request & work on a plan?


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2 years ago
Jess -- we'll need to move quickly on this one...event is March 2 so at the very latest the invite email should go out Feb. 28th.  I have most of what I need to put the email together, so will be building it out today.

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2 years ago
Will - to confirm, the invite email is going to Mozilla subscribers in Germany? If so, then you're 100% in your wheelhouse to get 'er out! Go for it!

The tricky part that we need to talk through on Monday is how to handle the 2nd email of those who registered for the event, but haven't opt-ed into emails (the emails talked about in #c0 and #c3).

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2 years ago
#c0 = Comment 0 
#c3 = Comment 3

(I thought they'd hyperlink, but I must've done it wrong. Apologies for the confusion!)

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2 years ago
Thanks Jess!  Working on it now, will aim to get it out Monday.

Melissa -- can you confirm on the follow-up email idea; is it us, or Wikimedia, that will send the follow-up thank-you message (in which we'll invite people to sign up for emails) -- ??  If it's going to be us, that's kinda complicated, since we say on the event page that "Mozilla wird Ihre E-Mail nicht sammeln." ["Mozilla will not collect your e-mail."]  (There are also some gory technical steps for us to take to email, even on a transactional basis, people who are not actually opted in to hear from us already.)  

So it might be a whole lot better if -- assuming this is possible -- Wikimedia sends out the follow-up thanks email, and just includes a link ( ) so people can sign up for Mozilla newsletters -- ??
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2 years ago
Hi Will,

Sure, I can work with Wikimedia to send a "thank you" email that includes a link to our newsletter. Do we want to use a "special link" to segment people who want to continue to learn more about future events in Germany? Let's work on the language we want to include to invite people to sign up to the newsletter.

FWIW, I had a chat with Steph earlier and she'd suggested we could send a thank you email from Mozilla as this would be part of the sign-up transaction tied directly to this one event; after that, we could never use that email again unless they signed up to our newsletter.

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2 years ago
All good possibilities and flags. Let's chat about it live on Monday. 

See you all at 1pm ET in Michele Warther's Vidyo room?

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2 years ago
Thanks for meeting today, Melissa!

To recap:

No follow up email can be sent since we say "Mozilla will not collect your e-mail" in the event registration form.

* Add in info for opt-in as part of thank you page from registering - Done
* Get Wikimedia in RSVP attendee thank you email to point people to opt-in
* Have info at event

Suggestion: use UTM parameters on the URL to track event attendee-signup conversion:


And use to change into a shortlink ;)

Notes are here for reference:

I'm going to resolve this CRM/email request. Thanks and good luck with the event!
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