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Mozregression license needs clarification



8 months ago
8 months ago


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8 months ago
Many files don't have a license boilerplate header.

setup.py says license='MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1', but while there used to be tri-license license boilerplate headers in the past, there aren't any left.

The last tri-license boilerplate header was removed in Dec 2012, in 3714ec4c89f535d0e3624ef718d16c360be2f7b0, and before that, the first MPL 2 license boilerplate headers were added in Nov 2012, in ecca726ceb3baa64a9eb5efe43fa0a75243170c3.

The files I'm most interested in (for bug 1341215) were added in 2015 (download_manager.py and persist_limit.py), so I /guess/ they are meant to be MPL 2, but who knows, they might as well have been copied from some other project with a different license... which a search on github suggests is not the case, but also points to https://github.com/parkouss/dlmanager/ which has it under license="GPL/LGPL", from the same author who committed the files to mozregression... (plus, that's not very specific wrt the relevant versions of the licenses)


8 months ago
No longer blocks: 1341215
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