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Add win64 location for stub installer products


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Bug 1331667 is the result of having one stub installer for windows, which intelligently selects a win32 or win64 full installer at run time based on the machine it is running on. It is easier/better for (bedrock) if they can send both of these requests, based on the OS of the visitor:    (win32)  (win64)

Currently only the first one works. Repeat for firefox-{beta,aurora,nightly}-stub and firefox-{nightly,aurora}-stub-l10n.
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The repo for this, and nagios runs the check_bouncer script on bm81. The idea here is to update the checks to be closer to what we do in production.

I've left out checks for firefox-aurora-stub-l10n because of bug 1339870, and the current plan to combine the files into one directory.
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Bug 1342814 - add win64 location for stub installer,
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add win64 location for stub installer, r=rail
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[nagios-tools] Update checks

Added a version bump to when landing:
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I've added a win64 stub location for current Firefox releases (52.0b9 and 51.0.1) and for and 52.0, which started prior to the landings in comment #6. In future the automation will automatically add a location to bouncer. The nightly & aurora case was handled in comment #1. So we're all done here.
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Bouncer is being silly about 52.0b9 so win64 is not working there, but 51.0.1 is fine. Must be Friday afternoon here! I expect 53.0b1 will be fine.
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