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mozISpellCheckingEngine equivalent API


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Currently there is no way to interact with the spell checker.

We should have the abilities to list the installed and enabled dictionaries, turn on/off spell checking for the focused text field, switch to a dictionary/language and get/add/remove entries from the user's personal dictionary.
Whiteboard: [design-decision-needed]
To be discussed at the WebExtensions Triage meeting on March 21. 

andym to verify priority.
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Seems reasonable, unless there's some widely used add-ons that currently do this.
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Note that in bug 1303749 we are considering ideas like moving the spell checker backend to a background thread...
See Also: → 1303749
make sure that isn't designed in way that conficts with comment 4
Whiteboard: [design-decision-approved] → [design-decision-approved], triaged
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I am interested in working on getting an auto correct feature added to the spell check functionality like there is in Google Chrome
Example of add-on that would use this:
Duplicate of this bug: 1417509
It might also be worth exposing the suggest() method of mozISpellCheckingEngine in some fashion.
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I would like to see this happen too. Currently there is no way to have good spell checking for the Finnish Language ( The developers were not interested in including libvoikko to be used for this purpose. I'm working on a webextension that uses libvoikko, it can be used in it, because of WebAssembly, but it's next to impossible to implement highlighting for the incorrect words.

This API should be general enough to be used for grammar and spell checking and maybe something else too. And it would be a nice feature to have over Chrome, because even businesses' like Grammarly ( have problems with the current situation and this API would solve this.

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