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At the moment, when someone wants elevated permissions, what happens is
1) They file a bug
2) Someone on our team posts a list of things they have to agree on (see attachment)
3) Go to Phonebook to find out who that user's manager is
4) Do a needinfo to the manager.
5) Edit the user in the admin pages, close the bug.

Note, it's also a requirement that the user logs in at least once. 

Instead, let's do this inside the webapp. No details on exactly how but conceptually, a checkbox along with the agreement text. And we can email all superusers when there's necessary actions to take.

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a year ago
Note, this was discussed in a previous meeting as a solution to automate away the bugzilla paperwork of giving people raised permissions.
Lonnen: Peter says you're interested in implementing this. Is that true? Is this important enough to do in the near future? Are there caveats?
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a year ago
It would be useful. We would want to rethink that approval workflow. It is low priority.
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a year ago
We could start piecemeal with moving the terms [0] into an active document that we check into git. I would even suggest we turn it into a HTML template. Then we have a URL specifically for this and we can maintain the text with pull requests instead of copy-n-pasting it around. 
Having done that we can add a simple model [1] in the webapp that logged in users simply have visited that page and clicked "I agree". We'd wait with automation since the whole manager approval is trickier. 

Once that's in place we can tie it to automation around manager approval later. 

What do you think? Is it worth it? 

We've talked about this a few times over the last couple of months including at the all hands in June.

Since then, Adrian rolled off Socorro and I took over Adrian's task of giving people permission. I was thinking I'd write a greasemonkey script or web extension or something to make it easier to copy/paste into a Bugzilla comment. Generally, it's better/safer to have someone explicitly agree to a specific set of terms rather than a set of terms that live at a URL which can change over time. Did Fred agree to this version of the terms? Is Fred aware we changed them?

The greasemonkey script or web extension of whatever it ends up being could be in github--that'd be good.

Beyond that, I don't have any interest in spending more time on thinking about automating this process in q3--too many other things to do. Maybe we can revisit in q4.
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