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Make it easier to get WR recordings from try pushes


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It's possible to turn on webrender recording by setting ENABLE_RECORDING [1] to true. However this dumps the recording files (one per webrender instance) into whatever is the current working directory at the time the code runs. For intermittent failures and the like, it would be useful to get recordings by doing try pushes and retriggering until the problem reproduces. This is straightforward enough, but then we need a way to get the recordings back. Putting them into the folder pointed to by the environment variable MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR should do it, I think. Try push to attempt this is at [2].

Actually this might be a bad idea. The recording files from a job like crashtest can be huge (multiple gigabytes). Maybe eventually we can chop it up so that we generate a recording file per test, overwiting old ones, and then just save the most recent one if there's an error or failure or something.
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