Crash in _purecall | Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor'' (win10)




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8 months ago
2 months ago


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({crash, inputmethod, topcrash-thunderbird})

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Windows 10
crash, inputmethod, topcrash-thunderbird

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8 months ago
THis has emerged as #16 crash for TB45.7.1

0 	kernelbase.dll	RaiseException	
1 	msvcrt.dll	_purecall	
2 	imetip.dll	Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor'(unsigned int)	
3 	imetip.dll	Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::Release()	
4 	imjpapi.dll	ATL::IConnectionPointImpl<CImeCandidateList, &__s_GUID const _GUID_b455d56b_508b_4782_9ff1_bfe7700aae19, ATL::CComDynamicUnkArray>::Unadvise(unsigned long)	
5 	imetip.dll	Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::Unadvise()	
6 	imetip.dll	CTipFnCandidateHandler::OnProductObjectChanged(unsigned long)	
7 	imetip.dll	CTipFnCandidateHandler::_OnProductObjectChanged(unsigned long, void*)	
8 	imetip.dll	Imeapiutil::CImeProductObjectChangeNotify::OnProductObjectChanged(unsigned long)	
9 	imjkapi.dll	CImeProductObject_JK::EndUpdateProductObject(int)	
10 	imjpapi.dll	CImeIPointCallBack::GenerateMessage()	
11 	imjpapi.dll	CIImeIPoint::UpdateContext(int)	
12 	imjppred.dll	NotifyUpdateContextToMainThread(IImeEMManager*)	
13 	imjppred.dll	CCmdPredictCreateCandidate::ShowCandidateWindow(bool)	
14 	imjppred.dll	CCmdPredictCreateCandidate::OnCandidateReady(void*)	
15 	imjppred.dll	std::_Func_impl<std::_Callable_fun<void (*const)(void*), 0>, std::allocator<std::_Func_class<void, void*, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil> >, void, void*, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil, std::_Nil>::_Do_call(void*&&)	
16 	imjppred.dll	CSuggestionClient::_OnSuggestionReady(unsigned long, IMtfSuggestionList*, void*)	
17 	imjppred.dll	CImeSuggestionNotify::SuggestionReady(unsigned long, IMtfSuggestionList*)	
18 	imjppred.dll	CFrameworkWrapper::RunSuggestion(CQueueItem*)	
19 	imjppred.dll	CIMEFrameworkHost::CIMEFrameworkThread::ThProcMain()	
20 	imjppred.dll	CIMEFrameworkHost::CIMEFrameworkThread::_ThreadProc(void*)	
21 	kernel32.dll	BaseThreadInitThunk


6 months ago
Component: General → Widget: Win32
Keywords: inputmethod
Product: Thunderbird → Core


6 months ago
Priority: -- → P3
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Comment 1

6 months ago
To reconfiRm, this is a significant crash for thunderbird, i.e. topcrash.
TB52 rank is about the same at #21. TB45.8.0 settled in at #23

For unknown reason, crash rate dropped signifiantly for a one month period starting Nov 9
Keywords: topcrash-thunderbird
Whiteboard: tpi:+ → [tbird topcrash][tpi:+]

Comment 2

6 months ago
This is IME's thread by IME, not us.  Why is most crash Thunderbird although there is a few crash in Firefox?
(In reply to Makoto Kato [:m_kato] from comment #2)
> This is IME's thread by IME, not us.  Why is most crash Thunderbird although
> there is a few crash in Firefox?

If this crash can occur only with HTMLEditor, it's possible.
Some useful comments:

* 文章(本文)を入力して、Enterキーを押下したら落ちました。 
  (Crashed at Enter key when I compose body of an email.)
* キーボードを早く打つと落ちます。かな漢字変換の問題なのかもしれませんが、IMEです。 
  (Crashed when I type fast.)
* メール本文を作成中、漢字変換をしようとした際に変換ができずひらがなの状態のままフリーズし、そのままThunderbirdが落ちた。 
  (When I compose body of an email and try to convert composition string, Thunderbird was frozen with non-converted composition string, then, crashed.)
* 最近、よくクラッシュします... 日本語入力中に発生することが多いです。 Windows10標準IMEです。(Microsoft IME) 
  (In most cases, crashed at typing Japanese text.  Windows 10's default IME.)
* メール作成中にエンターを押す事で急にソフト自体が終了してしまった。 
  (Crashed at typing Enter when I compose body of an email.)
* 落ちました。 起動後しばらくたつと重くなるというよりも、メールを記入していると徐々に重くなってしまう傾向がある様に思われます。 その後、日本語文字入力で変換時に変換候補がプルダウン表示されなくなったりしています。 最後には固まって落ちます。 今回は、いきなり固まって落ちた感じです。 
  (While I'm composing email, it becomes slower.  Then, I sometimes don't see candidate list of IME.  And finally, it's frozen and crashes.  But in this time, it was suddenly frozen and crashed.)

And looks like that all reports (at least having comment of them) use Japanese MS-IME.
Yoshida-san, could you check this too?


5 months ago
Crash Signature: [@ _purecall | Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor''] → [@ _purecall | Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor''] [@ Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor'']

Comment 6

2 months ago
(In reply to Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (JST, +0900) from comment #5)
> Yoshida-san, could you check this too?

Is [thunk]:Imeapiutil::CImeIsAIMMWindow::Release`adjustor{4}'' also an example?  #22 crash for Thunderbird 52.2.1
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Comment 7

2 months ago
Crash at Imeapiutil::CImeCandidateListChangeNotify::`vector deleting destructor' and IMJPTIP.DLL!CTipFnHotkeyManager::InitContextHotkeys are similar but different bugs. Both will be fixed in Fall Creators Update. And in addition to that we're now working on backporting the fixes to Creators Update (1703).

Not sure for CImeIsAIMMWindow::Release, though. We have no such crash in our record.
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2 months ago
Depends on: 1367692
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