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Can the m.mozilla.org CNAME be decommissioned?



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a year ago
a year ago


(Reporter: claudijd, Assigned: ericz)



(Whiteboard: [kanban:https://webops.kanbanize.com/ctrl_board/2/4358])

During the course of some automated security testing, where I was looking for subdomains that resulted in 404's, I came across m.mozilla.org.

$ host m.mozilla.org
m.mozilla.org is an alias for mana.mozilla.org.
mana.mozilla.org has address

As you can see m.mozilla.org is a CNAME for mana.mozilla.org.  However, if someone ever wanted to use m.mozilla.org they would get to the right server, but the VHOST will be incorrect and you'll end up a 404 error.

This is not a security issue, but more of a house cleaning item.


- If it's not needed, I would recommend we remove the DNS alias for it.
- If it's needed, I'd be curious what for.




a year ago
Whiteboard: [kanban:https://webops.kanbanize.com/ctrl_board/2/4358]

Comment 1

a year ago
We do use this like this:
http://m.mozilla.org/Puppet+freshness redirects to https://mana.mozilla.org/wiki/display/NAGIOS/Puppet+freshness
Nagios uses these shortened links in alerts.

m.mozilla.org used to somehow provide another useful service in that pages that did not exist offered up a documentation template to encourage everyone to document their nagios checks and what to do when they alert.  At the moment though this doesn't appear to be working.  The MOC may be able to comment further.


a year ago
Assignee: server-ops-webops → eziegenhorn
:ericz - Is this just for mana or for any URL shortening?

- If just mana, maybe have https://m.mozilla.org/ => https://mana.mozilla.org/
- If for any URL shortening, maybe have https://m.mozilla.org/ => some banner/documentation on what this is?
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I suggest forking m. into its own service, since confluence is exiting to SaaS. It need not be hosted with Mana components. Basic Apache is fine.

Comment 4

a year ago
It's just for mana url shortening to my knowledge and if it no longer provides the nice shortcut to a template for new documentation then I agree a redirect would suffice.  The MOC is I believe the owner of that, needinfo'ing Linda.
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we still need it - it is used in our Nagios alerting to redirect to runbooks - can we test it some time with the redirect without the service
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Comment 6

a year ago
Any other questions Jonathan or can we close this out?
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Sure, I'll close it out.  Assuming that if someone wants to take some action to split the URL shortening service off into it's own service, then it will be tracked with a different bug.
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