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2 years ago
* Hit Cmd-T.
* See a tab shape appear in the tab bar.
* See the text and widgets appear.
* See focus switch to the new tab.
* See the grey globe favicon lighten.

This animation is way too slow, and multi-part.

Perhaps these things should all be in the same UI transaction?

See also Bug 1249855.

Comment 1

2 years ago
It'll group animations after the first one. (If you spam new tab you'll see it in action) But the first animation starts before the next tab has been selected. So it does it in separate animations. I use the TabManager delegate methods to animate these changes and there is one for tab creation and another for selection. So the tab addition animation starts and while its animating the selection has to wait for it to finish before it can select. 

I'm going to wrap it in an animation block and speed it up considerably so it feels much snappier. If thats not good enough I can maybe try delaying animations slightly in order to allow a few animations to accumulate before firing. This might introduce some interesting crashes though.
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2 years ago
I've also noticed that in rapid tab switches the favicon globe changes opacity before the tab itself -- if you hit left/right quick enough, you get one permanently bright tab, and the one next to it has a globe that flickers at the same rate that you're tapping keys!

Best to double-check that the icon selection is animated in the same block as the tab itself…

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Code looks good and runs well in the simulator. I'm unable to test this on a real device though :(
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Comment 5

2 years ago

So this is kind of fixed. The overall performance is better but opening a new tab is still not as snappy as it should be. I'll open a new bug for that.
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2 years ago
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