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Intermittent | application crashed [@ + 0x48484]


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as discussed on irc
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This appear to be more of an infrastructure issue unrelated to the build/merge.

Other notes are AWS issues overnight and retriggers with Retry's and Busted results due to crashes.

I have shutdown autophone, cleaned the logs and builds cache and restarted each server.
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See Also: → 1308560
Note that I can see the duplicate requested jobs but not duplicate builds in staging where I was running a test at the same time:

I'm not sure that a normal Treeherder "Repeat selected Job" on production Treeherder would have appeared on staging. I presume this was initiated by one of the other options found in the pull down menu 

* Add new jobs
* Mark with Bughunter
* BuildAPI
* Trigger missing jobs
* Trigger all Talos jobs
* Set as top of range
* Set as bottom of range.

I vote for one of "Add new jobs", "BuildAPI", "Trigger missing jobs", "Trigger all Talos jobs" with one of the first 3 being most likely I think. I'll run a test later on staging to see if I can reproduce.
happend btw again today like yesterday
The Unit test logs which failed showed a failure when starting where they could not abort fennec but this was due to a different issue. This also did not have anything to do with the AWS/S3 outages.

The logcat output for the failing mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora builds

both showed repeated:

03-06 20:51:28.465 I/Gecko   ( 4448): *************************
03-06 20:51:28.465 I/Gecko   ( 4448): A coding exception was thrown and uncaught in a Task.
03-06 20:51:28.465 I/Gecko   ( 4448):
03-06 20:51:28.465 I/Gecko   ( 4448): Full message: TypeError: osPrefs.getSystemLocale is not a function

Which is bug 1344978 and bug 1344901 which was introduced in bug 1337551.

The build log for the passing build shows only /en-US/ while the build log for the failing build shows a number of locales. It appears the non-nightly with only en-US did not match the |if (Preferences.get(PREF_MATCH_OS_LOCALE, false)) {| in and instead followed the other branch.

Thanks Tomcat!
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Duplicate of bug: 1344901
:bc, I assume these 41 failures from yesterday are backfilling?  the fix for this landed a few days ago, so I am not sure if we need more work here or if this is just old data.
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Not from backfilling but from the original regression which hit two Nightly builds on m-c and one on Aurora before it was fixed. No more work to be done.
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Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Autophone is dead.
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