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I would like to see mozilla accept data as standard input on the unix command
line.  It would be nice to be able to pipe an html file through a shell script
before rendering it in Mozilla.  As one person on npm.general suggested, you
could run it through ispell, and put <span class="misspelled"></span> tags
around every misspelled word, and then style them red to bring out typos.  You
could do a simple one line sed script to insert a link to a stylesheet in the
header of a file to restyle it without changing the file.

Several people on the news group suggested work arounds, including using named
pipes and the 'data:' url prefix.  Both of these are great, but it would be even
nicer to see Mozilla play nice the UNIX Way(TM).

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. execute:

sed -e s/<head>/<head><link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"x.css\" \
type=\"text\/css\">/ file.html|mozilla

from any standard unix command line.  

Actual Results:  Mozilla ignores standard input

Expected Results:  Opened on a page displaying the text of file.html as modified
by the sed script.

Comment 1

17 years ago
ok, so what happens if i do: echo "<b>hi" | mozilla -browser -mail

fwiw, you can use data:text/html,<youroutputhere> today

something like:
mozilla `perl -e '$chomp($cwd = `pwd`);s!<head>!<head><base 
href="file:////$cwd"><link rel="stylesheet" href="x.css" 
type="text/css">!;s!^!data:text/html,!m;' file.html`
[code untested, most shells will not approve...]
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Actually, I can't think of a single GUI app that plays nice with the "UNIX 
Way".  By its very nature, a Unix app should not print things to stdout and it 
should be able to run without needing input from stdin.

Every single app that _does_ "play nice" with the "UNIX Way" will block and 
wait for input on stdin if none is provided -- an unacceptable behavior for a 
web browser.

I can maybe see adding a switch that says "read from stdin, run through the 
unknown content decoder, and use as the start page".  But what if Mozilla is 
already running?

In other words, this needs a much clearer proposal as to what the expected 
behavior is in various situations.

Comment 3

17 years ago
It wouldn't be unreasonable to do something like
  mozilla - 
and have it read from stdin.
Have it read from stdin and do what?  Keep reading until when?  What happens if
I do:

echo '<html><body>doc 1</body></html><html><body>doc 2</body></html>' | mozilla -


Again, this needs to actaully have a decent proposal... at the moment, I fail
how this can be useful at all, unless we also have a "quit when done processing
stdin" option or something....

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