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Steps to reproduce:

1) I mount a remote directory into my local file system on Linux using SSHFS.  Sometimes the mount command succeeds but the directory is inaccessible for a period of time and needs to be remounted.
2) After the first (possibly unsuccessful) mount command I launch Thunderbird.
3) At some point after that I remount the remote directory using SSHFS and verify that its contents can be accessed.
4) After some time (minutes/hours) I try to attach a file to an email I'm composing. 

Actual results:

At step (4) above the Attach File(s) dialog box comes up but it's not functional.  I can select folders in the panel on the left but the panel on the right is not populated with their contents.  I also cannot enter any text into the Location: text field.  In order to successfully attach files I have to restart Thunderbird.

Expected results:

The Attach File(s) dialog should be functional and let me select files to attach.
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