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Investigate if triggeringPrincipal should be queried from mOSHE within docShell


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As discussed with smaug (see also [0]) we should potentially *not* query the triggeringPrincipal from mOSHE when creating a new session entry [1].

This needs more investigation.

Depends on: 1341754
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [domsecurity-backlog1]
Thomas, to get some more background info, you could read Comments 14 (15,16,17,...) from Bug 1341754. The essential question is, should we query the triggeringPrincipal and PrincipalToInherit from mOSHE [1] in case there is an mOSHE or not. Potentially we could remove that if-else branch and always use the else branch, but we need to do some audit.

To fix the bug, ideally we run a bunch of tests (in particular loading about: pages) and investigate the principalToInherit and TriggeringPrincipal in the different scenarios. Once we have a list of that, we can move on with the code fix.

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Thanks for the info. Assign to myself so I can take a look later
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Assignee: nobody → tnguyen
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