Apply OpenType 'hwid'/'fwid' features automatically if they are used as monospace fonts to simulate legacy East Asian conventions




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a year ago
Meiryo, Yu Gothic, and Yu Mincho have full-width and half-width glyph variants in the font data. But users can't use them without writing custom CSS. Moreover, even though users have knowledge about CSS, the appropriate rules are not obvious at all. We should provide "monospace" simulation instead of bothering users.
If we do this, it also seems worth bringing up for standardization in css-fonts.
emk-san, are you going to work on this? I think that we should change the default Japanese font to Meiryo at 57 if no serious bugs will be reported. So, I'd be happy if you'd fix this bug.
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a year ago
I'm not working on this bug (Hence NEW/Unassigned).
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(In reply to Masatoshi Kimura [:emk] from comment #3)
> I'm not working on this bug (Hence NEW/Unassigned).

I just asked about your plan ;-)

Anyway, I realized that after fixing bug 548311, HTML mails are displayed with Meiryo, but plaintext mails are displayed with MS Gothic due to default Japanese monospace font. So, it's nicer if we can use Meiryo, Yu Gothic and Yu Mincho as monospace font for consistency with HTML mails and plaintext mails but I still not sure how to fix this bug in which layer.

Do you think that Meiryo, Yu Gothic and Yu Mincho should have alias names?
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a year ago
(In reply to Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] from comment #4)
> Do you think that Meiryo, Yu Gothic and Yu Mincho should have alias names?

No, I think font features should be applied automatically when it is used as a monospace font.
Also we have a concern about performance because it will require unicode-range test because 'hwid' will make hiragana/katakana halfwidth and 'fwid' will make ascii characters fullwidth.
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8 months ago
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