Usage of googlei18n/libaddressinput data in mozilla-central

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For the Form Autofill[1] project we would like to use data at in mozilla-central. We will likely perform a transformation on the data to provide the relevant subset in a format more suitable for us (e.g. valid JSON).

Since that is a data file in a repo containing code to consume that data from a Web API I'm not sure if that data file falls under the same license as the rest of the repo. We don't want to use the code or the Web API as we don't want to be talking to the Google server when we can include the data locally. Github claims the repo is under an Apache 2.0 license.

Could you help clarify what license the file is under and what we need to do if we're not including an exact copy in m-c but instead provide a script to transform the data and only check-in the transformed file?



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a year ago
According to, the data "comes mostly from IPU and other general research, there are no restrictions on it that anyone involved with it knows about it." If that answer is not satisfactory, please ping the mailing list.
While not ideal, if everyone else is using the data, that seems safe. We should make our own transform of the data as appropriate, but make sure there's a README or other document annotating the source and giving the URL of that mailing list message.


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a year ago
By the way, countryinfo.txt can be outdated, because it's test data. You can scrape the latest data from Google's server [1].

The library itself does not download data from Google servers. It takes in a data source object of type i18n::addressinput::Source [2] when initializing (e.g., [3]). The tests are using the concrete data source i18n::addressinput::TestDataSource [4]. You can write your own data source and plug it in. Good luck!

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