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No tests being collected in Marionette harness tests


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It looks like a I broke the marionette-harness tests in bug 1335873.. sorry! It was a bit of a perfect storm.

For some reason, they only fail if you are using the default mozconfig (i.e no 'mozconfig' files in the srcdir and no $MOZCONFIG env set), which is why I didn't catch it locally.

Plus, there is a second bug in the python-test mach command, which fails to error out if no tests were detected.. which is why I didn't catch it in automation.

I'll try to get this fixed asap.
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Mike Shal has been helping me diagnose this. We understand what's going wrong now, but not how to fix it. Essentially, 'JS_STANDALONE' gets set to 1, which causes the marionette python.ini to get bypassed:

I had originally added that check to fix the busted 'sm-pkg' task which was the cause for bug 1335873 getting backed out. So removing that condition fixes these harness tests, but then I still need to figure out how to not break 'sm-pkg'. I have some try runs going, I'll update here again in a bit.
See Also: → 1345209
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Bug 1345109 - Ensure |mach python-test| errors out if no tests are found,

Glad this is fixed!
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Bug 1345109 - Delete 'JS_STANDALONE' from EmptyConfig when generating test metadata,

::: build/
(Diff revision 1)
>      except BuildEnvironmentNotFoundException:
>          print("No build detected, test metadata may be incomplete.")
> -        config = EmptyConfig(build_obj.topsrcdir)
> +
> +        # If 'JS_STANDALONE' is set, tests that don't require an objdir won't
> +        # be picked up due to bug 1345209.
> +        config = EmptyConfig.default_config

Can you use a different variable name here? Otherwise 'config' is a dict now and then becomes an EmptyConfig object later. Maybe it would be simpler if EmptyConfig.default_config was called default_substs. Then you would have:

substs = EmptyConfig.default_substs
config = EmptyConfig(build_obj.topsrcdir, substs)
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Ensure |mach python-test| errors out if no tests are found, r=mshal
Delete 'JS_STANDALONE' from EmptyConfig when generating test metadata, r=mshal
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