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CRM/Email Marketing Request: Grant Management - Fluxx and Salesforce Integration



a year ago
a year ago


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a year ago
>> Mozilla Team/Department
Mozilla Foundation Strategic Operations
>> What kind of relationships are you looking to develop?
Mozilla Foundation is going to be using Fluxx, a grant management software, to manage the full grantmaking life cycle, including tracking applicant and grantee names, projects, and amounts.

Our team at Fluxx will start customizing Fluxx for Mozilla in mid- to late-March. Fluxx does include integration with Salesforce, and we'd like to explore whether this would be worthwhile.

For now, it would be helpful to know how Mozilla uses Salesforce. Does Moco track it philanthropic activities (sponsorships, grants) in Fluxx. And what would be the steps to integrating Fluxx and Salesforce.

>> How will you nurture these relationships?
Grantee relationships will be managed via Fluxx, and calls/meetings between grantee and Mozilla. 
>> Do you currently have a way to solve for this?
>> What are the pain points in the current process?
Not sure yet. We're still early in the process of implementing Fluxx and will be starting a discovery phase with them shortly.
>> What are the perceived benefits to changing the process?
At this point we're not changing a process, rather putting a grant management process in place, via Fluxx, and want to see if there's value in pursuing Salesforce integration.
>> How large is the data set?
Fluxx is new so currently there is no existing data set. In 2016, MoFo awarded approx 45 grants, but we expect this to grow.
>> How many people on your team need access or training?
Not sure yet, depends on how integration between Salesforce and Fluxx would work. Most of our team will be using Fluxx to manage grantee relationships.
>> How will success be measured?
Not sure yet 
>> What is the risk to not doing this?
There is no major risk beyond not having all our partner data in one place.
>> What's the timeline for launch?
We'll be starting Fluxx implementation in mid-March and completing in early to mid-May
Thanks, Kalpana!

I just invited you to our next LCM (Lifecycle Marketing) intake mtg so we can talk more about this project and next steps.

If you have any docs with more background information please attach them to this bug before end of this week. That way we can get up to speed as quickly as possible before our in-person meeting on Monday.

One quick question: how does this relate to the current way that your team uses Salesforce to handle Grant management? 

Thanks for joining us today, Kalpana! I apologize for my Internet going down at the end.

Here are the notes from our mtg:

The summary:
Integrating Fluxx with Salesforce will be good. When MoFo's SFDC Resource starts (soon), they will be the person at the table to help guide the integration with Salesforce. We'll let you know when that person has started.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to add them here.

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