NOW TV (online streaming service by Sky) doesn't work with Firefox 52



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a year ago
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a year ago
NOW TV is a streaming service. It works with Firefox 51, but doesn't work with Firefox 52, because they are using Silverlight.
It works with Chrome without Silverlight.
Same scenario than

which URI did you test?
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a year ago
I haven't tested this directly, a friend reported the issue to me.
I've read their documentation, that specifically says Firefox 52 and Edge are not supported and Chrome is:

I believe they are using EME on Chrome.

I've tried to contact them using the contact form, they said they will get back to me.
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Summary: NOW TV doesn't work with Firefox 52 → NOW TV (online streaming service by Sky) doesn't work with Firefox 52
Ok will wait for their answer.
Thanks Marco.

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a year ago
It's been almost a month, I think they are not going to answer.

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a year ago
Do you want to try to contact them on the UK version (
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Probably something to explore here. I will try something. I keep myself in ni to come back to it.

PS: for the month :) sometimes it takes years ;)
They belong to Sky.

According to this thread it doesn't seem it will be fixed quickly. But it is said that they are working on it.

Some people in the thread recommends to use Firefox 52 ESR  to be able to continue to use the plugin.
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