"Restore"/"Discard" buttons are shown when signed out, and provide no feedback when clicked



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a year ago
I loaded Treestatus this afternoon to reopen trees after several hours of closure. 

I click the "Restore" button on one of the "recent changes" listed at the top. Nothing happens. I click a few more times just to see if I misclicked or something. Still nothing happening.

I open the web console to see if the button's throwing some errors. Nothing logged when I click the button.

I switch to the Network monitor in devtools to see if some request is getting silently rejected. No requests are made when I click the button.

At this point, I noticed that I was logged out of Treestatus. After logging back in, the button worked just fine the first time.

If I'm signed out (or signed in with an account that lacks the proper permissions), I think the restore/discard buttons should either be hidden completely or disabled (with feedback when you hover over them), or there should at least be some notification popped up when you click them saying that you need to sign in before attempting these actions.

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a year ago
This is a change from the previous versions of Treestatus, where I don't think the stack of remembered changes was shown at all without being properly signed in. At a minimum, the buttons to perform actions on the stack were not shown.

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a year ago
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PR 221

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a year ago
This landed in https://github.com/mozilla-releng/services/commit/9eea1aa795d0de3f220123f85aeef3d1b5c49922
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