Gateway Timout during POST is badly handled




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Steps to reproduce:

1. Edit a page on a WordPress-based site.
2. Click 'Update' to save changes.
3. 'Server' responded 504 Gateway Timeout after about 12 secs.
4. Page on screen is now empty as server response has no content.
5. Click 'Refresh' - surely that will resend my edits?
6. Click 'Back' - surely that will get me back to the editing page with my latest changes?

Actual results:

5. Refresh sends a GET request instead of a POST request, so the post data is lost.
6. Back reloads the page, so the editing changes are lost.

Expected results:

5. Refresh should repeat the POST, perhaps with the usual warning about resubmitting the same POST data.
6. Back should not reload the page, it should return to the page in the same state that it was.  Page cache settings and cookie changes should be ignored.  The back button should simply return to the page in the same state that it was in before it was navigated away from.  If there's a mismatch of cookies etc. due to other tabs or even actions on the pages visited before clicking 'back', so be it, that would happen anyway and websites deal with it.  What the user doesn't want is to lose data.


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