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a year ago

1. Navigate to a page for which you have multiple logins saved. As of FF52, the username selection dropdown appears automatically.

2. Close the tab without dismissing the dropdown.

Expected results:

Nothing out of the ordinary happens.

Actual results:

The login selection functionality is broken until restart. That is, there is no way to get the dropdown to appear again on any site. (However, if a username is typed in, the password will get autofilled.)

And while I'm here:

Is there a pref to disable the automatic appearance of the login dropdown?

Up until FF 51, I would press the down arrow in a username field to get a list of saved logins. In FF 52, the list appears immediately upon field focus, which in practice means upon page load, which is annoying.

Comment 1

a year ago
I can't reproduce it with FF52 or FF55.

Are you able to reproduce it with this testcase:

1) Open this simple login form http://codepen.io/anon/pen/vxmJpB
2) Save 2 or 3 username/login in Firefox
3) Focus on the username field to make the dropdown appear
4) Close the tab (Ctrl+F4)
5) Undo Tab

Result: after undoing tab, when I focus on the username field, the dropdown list appears as usual.
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Comment 2

a year ago
Yes, still happening with the provided form. This is on a Mac – I haven't tried other platforms.

I normally use the Keychain Services Integration extension, which replaces the built-in login storage with the macOS Keychain. But I disabled the extension for this test. The logins appeared in logins.json as expected, ruling out the extension as the culprit.

Logging reveals no difference between the working and faulty scenarios. Thanks to the Keychain extension we can see that the login storage is still queried normally:

LoginManagerParent:Creating new autocomplete search result.  LoginManagerParent.jsm:245
nsLoginManager:Searching for logins  nsLoginManager.js:401
Keychain: -> searchLogins(nsIPropertyBag{hostname: 'http://s.codepen.io', formSubmitURL: 'http://s.codepen.io', schemeUpgrades: true})
Keychain: -> findLogins('http://s.codepen.io','http://s.codepen.io','')
Keychain:   scheme:http host:s.codepen.io port:null
Keychain: Using default keychain search list
Keychain:   Items found: 2
Keychain:   URI String: http://s.codepen.io
Keychain:   Parsed URI: http://s.codepen.io
Keychain:   URI String: http://s.codepen.io
Keychain:   Parsed URI: http://s.codepen.io

One more detail: when I close the tab while the dropdown is showing, the dropdown overlay remains on the screen until I click somewhere.

Comment 3

a year ago
To be sure it's not an issue with your profile (add-ons), could you test with a fresh profile, please.

Comment 4

a year ago
Right, the problem doesn't occur on a fresh profile. But it does occur in safe mode on my main profile, so for now I've been unable to narrow down the cause any further.
Hi bintoro,

This sounds like bug 1332306 but I can't reproduce that bug either. Can you confirm that the problem is now gone?

See Also: → bug 1332306

Comment 6

9 months ago
Still happening on 56.0a1 (Nightly 2017-07-10). Doesn't bother me any longer though. I've learned to avoid it.
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