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Steps to reproduce:

Navigate to a website with a simple <input type="file"> element, such as Click "Browse" and select an arbitrary file (say, a text file named "map.txt"). This also selects the file for upload, because KDE uses single click "open".

I am using Firefox on Manjaro linux with plasma and kwin 5.9.3.

Actual results:

The dialog closed as expected, then firefox froze for 1.5 seconds without the filename appearing in the file upload element. After that firefox segfaulted, all windows and tabs closed. 

I have tried this with different websites (this bug report form as well) and different files, always with the same result. It is not the case when drag and droping files as gmail attachements for example, but if I drag and drop into file input elelemt the result is the same.

Expected results:

The dialog should close and the filename should appear in the box. Later I should be able to upload the file normally.

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Please follow the steps on and report back here. Thanks!
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My system is up to date as is the "firefox-kde" package I am using. 
The crash happens in safe mode as well. The "about:crashes" page is not available and there are no files
in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/ folder.

I have foudn a manjaro forum thread describing a similar issue:, suggesting the problem lies in the kde integration layer over firefox. Quoting: 

> it's the suse patch. that is not compatible with the multi process windows of firefox.
> you can disable it if you want. in about:config search and change browser.tabs.remote.autostart to false

After disabling "browser.tabs.remote.autostart" option in about:config, I cannot reproduce the crash.

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If you're using some "firefox-kde" package which is not provided by Mozilla (and likely includes code changes not provided by Mozilla), please feel free to report the bug to the maintainers of your distribution instead.
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