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Steps to reproduce:

Official builds of Fennec always include proprietary Google Play Services jars.  There are a number of projects like Orfox, IceCat, F-Droid and more that are working on Fennec builds without any proprietary libraries.  There are also a number of other free software projects like Whisper Systems Signal that include play-services-gcm.  This is becoming such a problem that people are implementing their own version of the GCM library so that the apps can be all open source.

Expected results:

A better solution would be for Google to open source their GCM jars.  I'm talking about only the jars that are distributed as part of the google_m2repository distributed as part of Android Studio.  This jar is 32k, so a pretty small bit of code.  I talked with some reasonably high up Android people and they thought this was a reasonable request.  I've started asking Google for this, but Mozilla's voice here would carry a lot more weight.
Mozilla cannot force Google to open source Google Play Services. We would welcome them doing so. This is not something that is a bug to fix in Firefox for Android, closing.
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> This is not something that is a bug to fix in Firefox for Android

For me it's a blocker. I've stopped using Firefox for Android after Mozilla added proprietary code into it.
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