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A post went to firefox-dev[1] with this information:

"If I click at a link inside an recently opened webpage (!)
instead of loading the new website from this link
I get an error messages ('page not found').

This happens not if I type the same address directly into the URL line,
or when I right-klick the link to be opened in a new tab."

The user then reported back[2] saying that "Download YouTube Videos, Fast And Simple" was the culprit.

They write:

"So I looked closer and found out: The culprit is the Add-On
'Download YouTube Videos, Fast And Simple',
It was last time updated July 2015 (!), and the website
'' is also no more available,
so it might be dead".

It might be worth attempting to reach the add-on author regardless to see if they want to fix it, or perhaps set version compatibility.

The add-on was removed from AMO a while ago. The developer was asked to fix some code issues and didn't update it since.

Also, I wasn't able to verify the bug with the provided information. Please reopen if there are any more details.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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