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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open Google login page (https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin) or Dribbble login page (https://dribbble.com/session/new) on a OnePlus 3T in Firefox for Android (52.0)
2. Type in the password in the password field using the Android "Smart Keyboard" T9 keyboard using multiple taps to get to the right letter.

Actual results:

Multiple taps produce multiple characters in the password field while the keyboard itself is figuring out which single character to put in. It seems like every character you add adds up even more new characters as if there has been something copied and pasted. As qou can see in the attached screenshot, multiple characters were underlined during this process.
It looks like Firefox is listening to the wrong event here.

Expected results:

It inserts one character at a time. Multiple fast taps on the T9 keyboard should produce one single character. The next character should appear after a short timeout, like T9 keyboards normally work.

It works in Chrome for Android.
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