Open Bug 1347281 Opened 4 years ago

Investigate using a TEMP TABLE to make guid to id lookups quicker


(Toolkit :: Places, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: Gijs, Unassigned)



From bug 1344282:

> I have an half idea on how we could improve this, removing any needed I/O. May be worth a follow-up if you measure these SELECT queries as being expensive for your batch insert.
> We have AFTER_INSERT and AFTER_DELETE triggers in moz_bookmarks, they currently update a static int containing the last inserted id, but that's accessible only from cpp.
> I was wondering about the possibility to extend that, keeping a TEMP TABLE associating guids to ids. Basically i'm thinking to replace the guids Map we have in PlacesUtils with a TEMP TABLE. The triggers could keep the TEMP TABLE updated, querying from it would not cause any I/O.
> I'd not do this here, but it could be worth a try elsewhere.

My system runs on SSDs only, so I'm not sure I can profile the IO impact reliably, but I agree this is worth checking. (Taking the liberty of setting this to P3 for now.)
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