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9 months ago
we got a tweet about this:

And indeed the current appendix "schnell/privat" (quick/private) for the application name of the firefox release version starts to sound a bit sleazy once you start thinking about it. 
Maybe the "schnell/privat" part of it can just be removed for the moment until something better is getting figured out...
I'm wondering a bit because on Pontoon, I see the string is in fact "Fast and Private" in English:

However, looking at the actual Google Store description in English, that string reads as "Browse Freely". From what I gather, that was just a test (?) for en-US version. 

CC Sylvestre for more info about this. Should we udpate all locales with "Browse Freely" at this point?

Overall I agree that "Fast and Private" doesn't work well - either in English or any language... Not sure what went on here. 

Also, seems like this is therefore not a German issue but a more general one.
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Redirecting to Mike about that :)
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9 months ago

Yes, the "browse freely" is only for EN-US.  "browse freely" was a test for us to align our new brand and tone across desktop and mobile.  With this test we saw similar results to the previous title, so for consistency we kept it "browse freely"

In all other countries, the title was unchanged and chose with SEO in mind.  

Fast and Private are top search terms to drive more traffic and discovery into our app, they are also benefits that user care about in a browser, which is why we have those words in our title.  

We dont need to update "browse freely" for all locales - this idea isnt relevant to all/many countries.
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9 months ago
the german app title in the play store got changed to "Firefox: privat+sicher surfen" - so the initial case is solved at least.
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