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10 months ago
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(Reporter: hoosteeno, Assigned: Joni Savage ("need info" me))



We should look for links from SUMO to Firefox product marketing or download, and make sure they include two key attributes.

1) They should use a good keyword as the link text. That means instead of saying "[Click Here] to download Firefox", we should always say, "[Download Firefox]". In either case we end up ranking higher for the words inside the link; but we don't really want to compete for "click here". Look for ways to say "download Firefox" or "Firefox download".

2) They should include UTM parameters. It looks like at least some links to Firefox downloads and marketing content from SUMO are being sent without UTM parameters, which means they are lumped into the opaque category, "direct", along with anyone else who shows up without a source.

If we add UTM parameters to links in SUMO articles, we can learn how SUMO articles relate to product marketing. Downloads (and a download rate) can be attributed to SUMO. We can optimize better and find ways to serve users better. 


Here's an example article and the changes I recommend:

==Link 1==
* Current: If the update didn't start, didn't complete or there was some other problem, please [use this download link]...
* Better: If the update didn't start, didn't complete or there was some other problem, please visit the [Firefox Download Page]...
* New URL:

==Link 2==
* Current: go to the [Systems & Languages page] to download and install the latest Firefox version for your system and language
* Better: [download and install the latest Firefox version] for your system and language from our Systems & Languages page
* New URL:


This is a tracking bug; if we find other articles that need the fixes above, file bugs for them blocking this one.
I need to fix the "New URLs" in the above -- instead of "universal_cta" we should call these "inline_cta". Inline links like these should get the following parameters appended (replacing {{article_slug}} with the urlencoded article slug):



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See Also: → bug 1347312
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