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Add .git/.hg to .eslintignore to help speed up full ESLint runs


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A week or two ago, I realised that Mercurial checkouts of mozilla-central are much slower than git-cinnabar checkouts.

After some investigation, it appears there's a possible ESLint regression from when they enabled searching for hidden files - because Mercurial has such a large .hg folder (~300,000 files), that slows down ESLint's processing for finding all the files it should be matching against.

I filed the issue here:

It was suggested in that issue that we can add .hg to the .eslintignore file to speed things up again, and I've confirmed it does.

For a full eslint run on today's m-c on my Mac:

Unpatched Mercurial Repo: 3m 40
Patch: 2m

I've also tested adding .git for the git repo case - its unclear if it does speed things up (maybe by a few seconds for a 2m-ish run), it certainly doesn't slow it down though.

Hence we should add these to make ESLint runs shorter for our Mercurial developers & build machines.
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Bug 1347906 - Add .git/.hg to .eslintignore to help speed up full ESLint runs.

Wow awesome find!
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Add .git/.hg to .eslintignore to help speed up full ESLint runs. r=jaws
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