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Currently we have many docs in many places. It's hard to find things, and organize them.

We discussed at the Paris work week that we should clean this up.
One concrete thing that came out of it was that docs inside the tree were good (things in /devtools/docs) and that we should keep that for very technical things like architecture, APIs, etc.

So I went over the wiki and listed the pages we have:

Some of them, I think, should go in /devtools/docs/

I'll attach a patch soon to move 1 of them, and then will continue with other pages.
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Bug 1347977 - Add docs about highlighters to /devtools/docs;

Looks good to me, thanks for working on it! :)

::: devtools/docs/
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> +# Backward Compatibility

There's also a `` in this folder that attempts to links to the others here.  Probably makes sense to add a link to this?
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Add docs about backward compatibility; r=jryans
I'll add more patches here, let's leave it open for now.
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Bug 1347977 - Add docs about highlighters to /devtools/docs;

r=me for this one because:
- it's only a doc change
- I'm not writing new doc, it existed on the wiki before, I'm just moving it
- I originally wrote this doc on the wiki
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Add docs about highlighters to /devtools/docs; r=jryans
Pushing different commits to mozreview using the same bug isn't a great experience. So let's close this as soon as the next commit lands, and file other bugs if we need to.
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