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Don't do _adjustAcItem() if the type of item that about to attach is different from the previous item's type.


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With profile-item binding added, the items' type vary according to result. 
When we jump around normal field and form-autofill field, and try to reuse existing items, it occurs that we might insensibly fire previous binding's _adjustAcItem() at [0] due to asynchronous attaching mechanism. 

This is a regression of bug 1326138, though has not yet broken any existing tests.

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Bug 1348224 - Don't call _adjustAcItem() if result's type is different from existing item's type.

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Found some tests failed on try server, may take more time to see why. It seems that profile item is the first and only binding  using different <content> that causes the error, though I thought this patch is reliable enough to handle all type of binding. If still no better way to pass the existing tests, perhaps adding a early-return check before calling profile item's _adjustAcItem would be the best approach.
Patch updated, I've made a change about the condition of a "reusable" item. It should work fine with all original item and able to safely switch to/from autofill-profile item now.
Try result for updated patch:

It's seems good to go.
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Don't call _adjustAcItem() if result's type is different from existing item's type. r=adw
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Thanks Ray.
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