If too many tabs (>250) opened, firefox crashes on clicking tab list button




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Steps to reproduce:

I was opening firefox tabs(porting from chrome) with intents on android. Firefox was fine with opening 250 tabs and scrolling the tab list. After that my script opened another 150 tabs.

Actual results:

Script completed successfully but when i clicked the tab list button, firefox crashed.
There was an out of memory error according to crash logs. On restarting Firefox it crashed again and then restarting it again cleared all the opened tabs.

using Firefox Beta 53 on Android 6(LG G3- D850)
(also tested on stable firefox,  it also crashed)
crash id: bp-d32bfbc8-c2fb-4f04-90ef-8d35b2170318

Expected results:

I think Firefox cant handle displaying >250 tabs(dont know exact number) in the tab list. It should have displayed all the tabs opened. 

Chrome 46 can handle around 600 tabs before starting to crash but its recent versions crash earlier.

Comment 1

6 months ago
Stupid theory: firefox isn't that heavily multi-threaded, and after some X number of tab openings the "central process" picks up enough "clutter" to break android processes size limit. 
Chrome instead, I wouldn't know on mobile, but at least on desktop it (almost) goes as down as to have one totally full independent process per tab. 

Bug 516521 used to keep track about fennec and e10s.. To no avail today. Still it wouldn't certainly hurt if you could retest.

Comment 2

6 months ago
i havent looked into the details of the current firefox tab process design but the problem seems to be more related to opening the tab window with X number of tabs, the limit is broken here and not with the amount of tabs loaded currently... atleast in chrome the browser works with around 600 tabs plus but as soon as you click the tab button or swipe to change a tab and it starts to go through the list of tabs the crash occurs..sometimes it doesnt which makes me think its somehow also dependant on the free ram available currently on the device or the total ram used by chrome at that point...
ill try testing firefox again with the new changes too see if i get time, but tbh i prefer chrome on android rather than firefox, it just isnt good enough and fast enough every time i try to shift to it, even though i consider using chrome as a privacy issue...but i still use firefox on pc, its great there mostly...

Comment 3

6 months ago
I'll tell you, since quantum (FF57 iirc?) it's an entirely different browser on mobile.

Comment 4

6 months ago
yeah i did notice a few improvements, and might try shifting to it... but then again there could be addon compatibility issues...
Closing per https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1473195

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