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Now that Legal and Contracts are migrating to a new task management system, we should redirect the custom form pages (once the new system goes live) so I need to know what those URLs will be. And if we need to keep the old forms up for non-NDA mozillian access?
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Hi Emma. We're only switching out of Bugzilla for vendor and independent contractor contract requests, other legal requests will still be handled in Bugzilla, at least for now.

So, the only form that will need to be removed or modified is the kick-off form ( Once we launch CASA, we'd like people to no longer be able to submit bugs in the Vendor/Services or Independent Contractor Agreement components, and if possible not to be able to reopen closed bugs in those components, but to continue to work on currently open bugs in those components until they're completed.

I've cced Casey who can work with you on this as I will be on PTO for the next few weeks.
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Casey, please contact me so we can coordinate on the work above.
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Hey Emma, thanks for reaching out. Right now we are hitting a bit of a snag with getting SSO on the new system and we don't want to switch off Bugzilla until we have that up and working. I am hoping to hear something by tomorrow, I will let you know as soon as I do and throw some time on your schedule if that works for you?
Yes, my Calendar should be up to date so please feel free to book a meeting. I'm in Pacific timezone.
Hey Emma, so it looks like we are go for a April 4, launch. I will reach out about meeting up on Monday.
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a year ago
@casey -- what is left to do here? I just hit this trying to fill out the kickoff form.
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Hey Chris there shouldn't be any thing left to do. We are live on the new system and it works. The only things left on the Bugzilla intake are going to stay on the bugzilla intake. We should be finished.
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a year ago
Something like that would be helpful, yes. Candidate fixme links would be --


a year ago
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This has stalled, what do we need do here?
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Hi Emma, is there anything else that needs to be done. I thought this was handled back when we launched CASA.
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