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RFE: A way to shutdown Mozilla from the command line (x-remote or signal).


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Quite often I find miself wishing for a way to shut down Mozilla from the
command line. Sometimes I want to quit it on some remote machine. Sometimes the
Mozilla UI gets to a state when it's hard or impossible to get to the Ctrl-Q,
but the back-end is still there.

Currently, I just end up killing Mozilla, but then it (AFAIK) does not get a
chance to write out all the configs, close the dbs, etc. It would be nice to have a 
mozilla -remote "Quit()" 
Doesn't do a 'killall mozilla-bin' exactly that? The signal should allow mozilla
to finish gracefully as opposed to 'killall -9 mozilla-bin'.
AFAIK, if you have managed to hang Mozilla, an xremote quit capability will not
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OK, this is a first attempt - I do not know a lot about the Mozilla C++ code so
I am probably missing something important here, but it works insofar as the
command indeed closes (or crashes? :) ) the application.

The idea is that the command is "closeall()" or "closeall(somearg)" to request
a confirmation prompt if more than one tab is open.
Keywords: helpwanted
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> see also bug 132641

So -kill won't close the DBs and do what this bug is requesting?

I'd be interested in something that causes mozilla/TB/FF to shutdown gracefully
upon a SIGTERM signal.
Depends on: 132641
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I just want to know if there is any plan to implement a handler for SIGTERM, which is rather common on POSIX platform.
Right now, sending SIGTERM shuts down the process in an unclean way, but most of users expect to have a clean exit with this signal, not as the SIGKILL signal.
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