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Enabling DOM File creation in content process by pref


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(firefox54 wontfix, firefox55 fixed)

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Given the current situation and the proposed move to, we would also need this preference set via geckodriver. Maybe to avoid that Andreas could integrate this move in his patch on bug 1344748?
For context, I am working on a patch to set a long list of “recommended” automation prefs when the Marionette server starts, because we would like to make it possible to start/stop Marionette at runtime.  In the future we want it to be possible to connect an existing instance of Firefox to geckodriver, which means a range of prefs needs to be set then.

However, the recommended automation prefs are not in use when testing Firefox on try.  For this reason, all necessary prefs to test Firefox also need to be in  Your patch looks OK to me.

I think we should land this as-is, then I will rebase on top of this and include the pref in the set of recommended automation prefs.
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Enabling DOM File creation in content process for marionette tests, r=ato
Closed: 3 years ago
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The fix on bug 1344957 got uplifted to aurora. So we also have to uplift this test-only change.
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Looks like this fell through the cracks 2 months ago, do we still want this change in 54 (now beta)?
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I think we are fine here given that bug 1344748 landed for 54.0. But let get the final words from Andreas.
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(In reply to Julien Cristau [:jcristau] from comment #10)
> Looks like this fell through the cracks 2 months ago, do we still want this
> change in 54 (now beta)?

I think we should be fine.  Thanks for staying vigilant!
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