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DocumentTimeline::Constructor() can throw a Gecko-specific error code


(Core :: DOM: Animation, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox55 --- affected


(Reporter: botond, Unassigned)



DocumentTimeline::Constructor() contains a line [1] that does:


Boris made some observations about this in bug 1321428 comment 47:

> This is clearly not a per-spec thing, right, since the spec 
> has no concept of NS_ERROR_FAILURE?  This needs at least a 
> comment, eg. about why we can end up in this situation.

and bug 1321428 comment 62:

> That said, in practice maybe this can only return failure if 
> we're calling the constructor from a torn-down window for 
> which GetDoc() returns null, which is a situation the spec 
> thinks can't exist.  So it's possible that returning a 
> Gecko-specific error code is the right thing here; needs a 
> comment.

Filing this bug to track either changing the error code, or adding a comment.

Whatever resolution we adopt here should apply to ScrollTimeline::Constructor() as well, which contains (or will contain shortly, when it lands) the same line.

See Also: → 1321428
Priority: -- → P3
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