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Uplift bug 1342832 to bmo for performance and other reasons


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prior to loading the cpan meta configuration file ("MYMETA.json") setting the env PERL_JSON_BACKEND to JSON::XS will result in a significant performance boost
Summary: Force CPAN::Meta to use use JSON::XS to parse MYMETA.json → Uplift bug 1342832 to bmo for performance and other reasons
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Issues this fixes:

1) Parsing MYMETA.json every request with pure-perl JSON takes a long time.
    Much better to JSON::XS.
2) Fixes bug where in one code path the CPAN::Meta object is stored in the request cache, and another the process cache. Now it's just a proper file scoped lexical. 

The other changes are for concerns of upstream -- I don't want this logic to diverge too far.

The main negative is that fails if the local/ directory isn't populated. This is because we run on 5.10 (upstream requires 5.14 and this doesn't happen then). This is actually a *feature* because it lets us know very early that a system is broken. (We had local/ disappear on a server recently and it was not immediately obvious).

As I don't expect you to run this, I am functional-testing it on bugzilla-dev.
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Failed pod checker. fixed.
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