Firefox Needs a Practical, Accessible Way to Block ALL Strobing/Flashing/Animation

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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to use the Web.

Actual results:

I got hit with animation, which triggers my migraines.

I have added more and more animation-blocking tools, but I end up breaking functions, and having to toggle animation blockers on and off to use different websites, and I still can't block enough animation.

And the strobing can trigger some people's seizures.

Many sites use autoloading carousel animation, gifs, etc.

Many sites use scripts to zoom images on mouseover, and punch their readers with pain, or to jump images on mouseover, and to punch their readers with pain. Tools which block the one don't block the other.

Many sites change shape while loading, or while scrolling.

Some sites strobe the whole page.

Some sites fail to load when users disable animation.

"Inspect element" doesn't exactly make it clear why an object is animating or how to block all similar animation.

Expected results:

I don't think photosensitive users should be trapped in an arms race against advertisers, non-photosensitive web designers, etc. We would have to be expert programmers to keep up.

Firefox could include a suite of animation blockers and a toolbar button to turn them on and off. I already have QuickJava which has a few animation blockers and a toolbar button.


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pdol, I'm guessing at a bugzilla component, but this is really a product-level call (and maybe worth test pilot or deployment via addon).
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