Signal SIGPIPE received after m_arbitraryHeaders.IsEmpty() is TRUE



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Steps to reproduce:

I've been having repeated crashes (multiple times a day) with TB 45.8.0 on my Mac OS 10.11.6 machine. I finally took the time to compile TB and enable debugging so I could run it productively in lldb.  I've also tried on TB 45.2 and get crashes there as well just not as often.

I think the crash is trigged when a message arrives and Enigmail tries to decrypt but I can't be certain.  See attached debug.

The crash is always a SIGPIPE related error.

Process 44934 stopped
thread #1: tid = 0x14748a9, 0x00007fff9bdfbd36 libdispatch.dylib_dispatch_runloop_root_queue_get_port_4CF, queue = '', stop reason = signal SIGPIPE frame #0: 0x00007fff9bdfbd36 libdispatch.dylib_dispatch_runloop_root_queue_get_port_4CF
-> 0x7fff9bdfbd36 <+0>: movq (%rdi), %rax
0x7fff9bdfbd39 <+3>: cmpq -0x1fc65cd8(%rip), %rax ; (void )0x00007fff7c1a42c0: _dispatch_queue_runloop_vtable
0x7fff9bdfbd40 <+10>: jne 0x7fff9bdfbd46 ; <+16>
0x7fff9bdfbd42 <+12>: movl 0x20(%rdi), %eax

Actual results:

App crashes periodically.

Expected results:

App should not crash.


2 years ago
Severity: normal → critical
Component: Untriaged → General
Keywords: crash
We'd need a stacktrace with symbols.
Have you determined the cause to be enigmail?
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Comment 2

2 years ago
I can't be 100% certain that the problem is enigmail but it seems to crash after mimeDecrypt.jsm is run.

Regarding the stack trace with symbols.  I'm not super familiar with lldb but in the attachment I just ran a "bt" to produce the backtrace with each frame.  It looks like symbols were included but I'm not sure if you want something else?  I'll send another crash when it dies again shortly.

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Jiim, do you still see this issue when using newest versions?
Flags: needinfo?(jmiller)
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