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"Firefox :: Contextual Identity" is the recommended bug component in metadata, doesn't exist on Bugzilla


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I tried to file a bug using the product/component recommended in metadata for browser/components/contextualidentity/test/browser/browser_windowOpen.js, which suggested "Firefox :: Contextual Identity". Using that, Bugzilla's API rejected my bug because that component doesn't exist.

I know parts of contextualidentity have moved from browser/ to toolkit/, but I don't know if the bug component moved elsewhere as well. 

The bug that added the file was filed in Core :: Security, and bugs that touched the file after that were Core :: DOM: Security.
Where is getting it's data from? Is it reading the product API and getting the list of existing components?
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It's manually entered by people. I assume it was a valid component at some point and then it went away? There's a few bugs floating around to have in-tree tests running to validate the metadata (so typos or outright invalid components will turn a test orange), but they're all stalled at this point.
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Any idea which component these bugs should go to?
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We are still using DOM::Security. I guess we can continue in this way until we have a separate bug component for Containers.
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DOM::Security is the bugzilla component for Containers project, r=KWierso
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