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Steps to reproduce:

Just normal receiving emails from my IMAP account and reading them. 

Actual results:

When I have read all messages (no green point left in the "read column"), I usually have still "INBOX(1)" shown. And regularly, when there are still several messages unread, the number of unread messages shown is still higher by 2 or 3 . 
I have not yet figured out how this happens, might be due to several filters I run which are classifying incoming messages to different folders. However I coudl test this hypothesis with an actively invoked folder, where it worked fine. So it might be something else. 

Expected results:

INBOX should show (0) when there are no unread messages left, and generally show the correct number

Comment 1

a year ago
Solved (at least) the Problem : using a webclient to look at the IMAP inbox showed that there was actually an unread email (from early February). This email was however not shown in the INBOX list of emails, but searching for it specifically found the email !! And deleting it solved the problem. I will observe if I still get regularly more unread shown than there are and then compare with the web client.

Comment 2

a year ago
Sadly we have a few reports on incorrect counts, see meta-bug 438257. There is also one mentioning (server-side) filters, bug 422729.

Please let us know how you go. Also, who is your IMAP provider? We had some problems with Charter and we made some fixes to have a correct read count, especially when reading e-mail on mobile devices, bug 1231592 (never mind the summary, the bug covers other problems).

Comment 3

a year ago
Company internal Exchange server, one of the newer version, installed a year ago. I'll post here any observations I make. Now that I have deleted the invisible unread email, everything seems to work fine.

Comment 4

a year ago
How do you connect to the Exchange server, using IMAP or ExQuilla?

Comment 5

a year ago
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