[discussion] Should we keep the boxmodel in the computed view when the layout panel is enabled




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Title says most of it. 

We currently have duplicated box-model widget in both the layout & computed views. It's confusing, users can't easily tell where they are since both panels look the same etc...

Does anyone share this concern? Do we plan to take a decision here before shipping the layout panel? 

I can see a few options:
- simply remove the box-model widget from the computed view
- hide the box-model widget from the computed view if and only if the layout panel is enabled
As I recall, the original idea was to have a simple box-model widget in the computed-view, something you can quickly look at to find computed values for the margin, border, padding, content. And the layout panel would contain a much more interesting view of it, with more properties, more information, but which would occupy more room too.
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My main issue is that when the devtools are docked to the bottom, both panels look identical at first glance.

Here's a GIF to illustrate this. But if I'm the only one finding this confusing, feel free to close!
No, you're not the only one who's confused by the similarity between the two panels :-)


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5 months ago
How about making the box model section in the computed view a link to the layout view ?

Something like this:

Rules | [Computed] | Layout | Animations
[ Filter Styles      ][ ] Browser styles
Box model                           >

Or an infobar like in the Layout panel:

(i) The box-model view has moved to the [layout panel]      (x)
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