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Provide "Slight/Light/Low power/Battery saving/Battery saver" mode option


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Option to disable/enable all CPU/GPU/RAM/battery/power/etc. hoggy animations/transitions/eye-candy things/etc. will be nice, especially for mobiles, laptops and low end PCs.

We can also:
- increase value of "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" preference in "about:config"
- pause all activity in background tabs (except music)
- enable click-to-play mode for plugins
- reschedule JavaScript timers (fired coalescently and less frequently = less time CPU is woken up)
- tune video-playback parameters (e.g. to get video in H.264 instead VP8/9, if user has H.264 acceleration but not VP8/9, like still probably most of PCs; using SD/LQ instead of HD/HQ video)
- disable smooth scrolling
- limit FPS to 30
- limit/disable data gathering
- change Persona/Light Theme/Theme/Appearance to Dark
and change probably many other things to get better time on battery and be faster on low end PCs.

Opera has for example feature named "Battery saver" [1][2]

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
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I think this is a great idea!
At the same time, it also sounds like a pretty big effort to get right (so that battery saving mode doesn't leave users in a bad state).

Peter, I think you and I talked about something like this at some point. When do you think something like this would fit on our product roadmap?
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Looks like Peter Dolanjski [:pdol] and Philipp Sackl [:phlsa] Bugzilla accounts are disabled, so I'm dropping needinfo? request.

@ Justin Dolske [:Dolske] - As triage owner, do you know who could take this over? Thank you very much in advance!

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