Rename confusing nsContextMenu flags after extensions no longer depend on them




9 months ago
6 months ago


(Reporter: kmag, Unassigned)


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Firefox Tracking Flags

(firefox55 affected)


(Forked from bug 1345081: :Gijs from bug 1345081 comment #11)
> (In reply to Kris Maglione [:kmag] from bug 1345081 comment #10)
> > The WebExtension code uses the same nsContextMenu flags to determine what's
> > editable that the Firefox frontend code does.
> Seems like the problem here is that nsContextMenu uses onEditableArea only
> for spellcheck. Basically, it seems nsContextMenu's onEditableArea really
> means "onSpellcheckableArea", and only gets set to true for input
> type=search and input type=text, that aren't readonly.
> It makes sense not to display spellcheck menus on input type=tel or input
> type=email or input type=number or input type=url.
> It doesn't make sense for webextensions to not offer 'editable' context
> menus for these fields.
> A simple fix for this issue would be to update webextensions to check for
> the onTextInput flag and check the target for having readOnly set to true.
> A more complicated, but perhaps/arguably more correct, fix would be to
> rename a bunch of these flags and have 'editable' mean something else all
> the way from InlineSpellChecker.jsm through the frontend code, such that the
> webextensions code 'magically' starts doing the right thing.
Blocks: 1347507
No longer depends on: 1347507
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